Ana and Lea: Chapter 4 – Thinking of Her when She’s with Him

Beyond recalling what they both felt after they did it, naked, they hugged each other with the thought of uncertainty, without asking each other “what went wrong during the last six years?”

Ana kisses Lea’s forehead and then stands naked. She goes inside her bathroom to shower. Her actions confused Lea, so she followed her and asked, “What the fuck? What are you doing?” With every drip of the water, Ana continues to shower herself with the constant thought “I am a prosecutor, this is against the law, and I just lost my case because of her.”

“Ana!? You manipulative whore, after getting what you want, you are not talking to me again? What is wrong with you?” The usage of the word “whore”, alerted Ana. She opens the door and pulls the naked Lea closer to her breast as they intertwined. “Consider what we did as a fake fuck over our fake feelings because you never consider any of my efforts to pursue you before as anything serious. But, to call me whore? After I lost my case because you told me you have a boyfriend. Who is the real whore here? I told you I just need to work on myself and will get you back, yet you suck man’s penis instead!” Ana angrily confronts Lea while their faces are close to each other, all wet as the water drips. Lea slapped Ana twice and then silently sobbed, leaving her inside the bathroom. She seeks her shirt and pants, but she couldn’t resist her anger after hearing Ana’s hurtful words that throb in her heart.

She went back inside Ana’s bathroom, slap her again, and said, “I was a closeted lipstick lesbian and you know that! You know how I tried to fight for you and for us. You said I should wait for you but you never even contacted me. I wrote and send letters to you for several fucking years. And you dare to say when I have thrown myself at you, it was fake?” After that, the room is filled with a silence that was only broken when they both cried and slowly crossed each other’s arms, kissing while their tears continued to flow through their eyes.

On for a more intense round, Ana pushes Lea towards her closet and there they continue to fuck hard. With eyes closed and tears flowing, everything just feels right. Lea faces the closet while Ana bends over to reach for Lea’s wet ass and genitals. Stroking the back part of Ana’s body, Lea sways her body and switches Lea’s position, then the next thing they are already dancing while their naked body touches each other’s part of them that long for their touch.

“The only fake in this society is L, is the social construction of women incapable of making another woman whole. You have been my safe haven as you brought heaven to me throughout the years when we were fuck buddies. I fell in love with you real hard. And now, I still do,” Ana declared her love to Lea.

“I am now ready to face the world, with you. If you’re concerned about me having an affair with my boyfriend. Don’t worry, every time I let him touch me, all I could think is you. With him it was a fake fuck,” Lea assured Ana then they hugged each other.

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