Ana and Lea: Chapter 2  – She is Not Just a Phase

The longing is sincere for Ana who keeps bundles of questions that are left unanswered for six years. Despite the mixed feelings, she approaches the witness stand and asks questions, arguing that sexual intimacy was mutual and what happened was in fact due solely to the ulterior motive of the plaintiff to gain from civil compensations, tracing her record as a former prostitute who fucks anyone and accuse them of raping her. The Judge then calls for a 30-minute break.

All flushed and confused, it took half an hour for Atty.Lea inside the toilet room. When she is about to finish defecating, she reaches for toilet paper with her eyes looking at the floor. Touching nothing but the mere toilet paper holder, she screams “Holy shit!” Waiting for Lea with her arms crossed, facing the cubicle where Ana is inside running for an hour, “Are you okay? The hearing is about to resume” Ana concernedly asks. Lea does not respond but instead tries to look for a solution, she reaches to the upper side of the bowl, hoping for a bidet but there’s nothing. The sweat on her underarm has become more and more visible as she anxiously thinks about how to wipe her ass clean without asking for Ana’s help. “I won’t leave here until you tell me what’s wrong L.” The way Ana speaks the nickname she has long forgotten angers, Lea. When emotions take over, pride is defeated. “Don’t you dare call me that!”Lea madly responded as she slammed the door without her noticing that she unlocked it. Concerned, Ana took the chance of going inside then she locked the door. Looking at each other, Lea sits on the toilet bowl still waiting to have her ass cleaned. Ana notices that there is no toilet paper so she hands wet wipes to her. “You know, I was these wet wipes when I heard your name earlier,” she told Ana, who is hesitating to accept them. 

“You still make jokes over anything, no wonder I was played”, Lea tells Ana after she finished wiping her ass, with Ana closely staring at her with the thought of touching her again. “L, I still have our favorite sex toy, but I never think of it as you. Until now, you are the bones of my desires, and your orgasms are still the kind of ringtone that I would like to hear every day”, she assured Lea while slowly caressing her hair as their faces have become nearer to each other. Lea’s face turned away, whispering to Ana’s right ear, “Sorry, I now have a boyfriend, and you are just a phase of my life that I never want to look back at.”

Like a needle pinching her, Ana weakens after hearing Lea’s words. Lea then leaves her, running to the Court’s direction, aware that she is already late. The hearing resumed. Ana allowed her personal struggles to take over the case. Her long-term sexual attraction for Lea has become evident when it took a toll on her performance in arguing their side’s position. She lost the case and her defendant is charged with rape.

Just when Lea is about to leave the Court, Ana grabs her hand and whispers to her, “You are not just a phase. Come over to my place. I will make you remember how every night with you was a peace we both can’t resist”, throwing the small piece of paper with her address inside Lea’s open shoulder bag.

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