Cover Ideas for Your Next Erotica Novel

They say that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. While that may be true to an extent, you must consider the many options available in the erotica division today.

Investing in an eye-catching cover is essential because the cover is one of the first things a potential buyer notices before making a purchase. Here are a few ideas for the cover of your next erotica novel:

  • Showcase two characters in a compromising pose. This style is considered a classic cover in most modern erotic novels. Under this style, there are various options. Such as love interests in bed, they are looking out for a view, or are very close to each other in a cramped space.
  • Love interest looking away or up closely. This style is quite popular with billionaire tropes. The billionaire character is in an expensive suit, looks away, or his face is half-shown, and his rippling muscles peek right through the material. There are also options for female characters on the cover. She could be in an expensive gown. Her lips may be seductively biting into an apple as she looks away, or she is playfully gesturing the camera to come to her.
  • Include an essential item in the story. Books with an underlying theme may use things that draw the readers to the plot. For instance, if you’re writing a book about BDSM, you may include handcuffs, a woman holding a riding crop, or a scarlet rope on the cover. Ideally, this option should consist of an eye-catching title.
  • Silhouettes. Silhouettes are solidly colored outlines that denote mystery and intrigue. They are pretty popular in mystery novels, so if you’re adding a hint of mystery or added darkness to your erotic book, this could be considered a classic choice.

There are various cover options readily available. If you’d prefer a customized cover for your book, consider contacting a professional graphic artist to do the work for you. Good luck!

– written by a guest writer

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