In the Realm of Dreams – Chapter Four: The Decision

Six days have passed since that initial meeting with Azure Fen. Nola, who had been shocked at the random opportunity, had managed to score a couple of interviews that were available within the week.

Day after day, rejection after rejection, and a possible “maybe” from an employer who offered her a laughable salary even for a beginner filled her days. But at night, she would find herself exhausted from the day’s events and would seek comfort in her nightly lover.

Night after night since their agreement, Nola would dream of her secret lover. His casual tone clashed with his overwhelming dominance as he welcomed her with open arms. As soon as they would meet, he would greet her with a kind smile, ask her about her day, before he would then teach her the nature of how he would like to be pleased.

Those nightly rendezvous would consist of touching lessons, guiding her shaking hand on where he would like her to feel him, and kissing lessons, where she would kiss him everywhere else but the lips.

He was anything but selfish though. If anything, he gave more than she expected and when she would make a mistake, he would admonish her softly—telling her to calm her mind before she would proceed. If she made another mistake, she earned a bite mark—a reminder of his ownership over her.

Right now, there were on an abandoned field of bluebells. It was a scenic view that her mind’s deepest desire conjured up. The flowers waved lazily against the breeze and she was lying on a picnic blanket. The skirt of her blue dress hiked up, revealing plush milky thighs as her master straddled over her.

“Wet already?” he teased slightly, brushing a finger against her wet core. She mewled softly and whimpered at his touch.

“Use your words, pet,” he said, pressing his finger firmly against her aching clit.

“Yes, very wet,” she whined, closing her eyes in embarrassment.

“Look at me,” he demanded, pulling his finger away as punishment, which only left her wanting more.

Her eyes snapped open. Her pupils dilated with desire as she looked at him wantonly. He was smirking at her flushed expression.

“I’m going to talk about your progress,” he said and climbed off her. She whined once more, earning a reproachful look from her master that clearly said, “No whining.” She bit her lip and stayed still as she slowly sat up.

“You’ve been good to me so far,” he said simply, reaching out to pick a bluebell. “You haven’t progressed on taking your clothes off yet before you slept. But you restrained yourself, well. I think you’re ready to go beyond kissing,” he said and tucked a flower behind her ear. “But before I get ahead of myself, tell me how you feel.”

Nola looked into his eyes. How he managed to be so dominant yet compassionate was something that never failed to amaze her.

“I . . .” She swallowed. “I think I’d like to try more things with you too, master. But there’s something that’s been bothering me.” She bowed her head and bit her lower lip.

He reached out and tilted her chin up with a finger, making her face him.

“Tell me, pet.”

She swallowed. Tears clouded her vision but he didn’t pull away nor looked at her with disgust. He simply stared at her, waiting for her to be ready to bare her entire soul to him.

“T-this thing between us . . .” This time, there was nothing holding back the tears that fell down her cheeks. “It’s not real. I know it’s not, but when I wake up, I feel . . . I mean, I get wet, but then . . .”

He wiped her tears away with a thumb, keeping silent.

“But then, I’d feel so lonely . . . and empty. You are not there with me when I wake up, and I only see you here. If I could stay in here forever with you, I’d gladly do it but . . .”

“But what?” he prompted her.

“But I want to live,” she admitted. “I want to live and enjoy life. I’ve been so lonely my entire life. I have no friends, no family. I have no one to go back to, but you. My life maybe empty and lonely, but I want to enjoy it still.” She bit her lower lip. “I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but . . . but if this arrangement is going to keep me from living my life the way I should, then . . . then I want out.”

Azereth’s eyes widened. Was she breaking the agreement with him?

“Explain,” he commanded, now using the rest of his fingers to keep her gaze on him.

“If you are not real then I don’t want to be with you,” she said, her voice shaking in fear when she felt his nails dug deep into her skin. “Ah . . . master, please . . . it hurts.”

He ignored her soft plea. No, no she will not break the contract! Not after everything he did to keep her in his grasp! From creating a curse that will infiltrate the village to keep viable partners away from her, to creating a human form to keep an eye on her as Azure Fen. He will not have her slip from his hold when he is so close to having her entire purity for him to take.

“And if I exist?” He breathed out, willing himself to control the inner beast that longed to pin her down on the grass and have his way with her. To Tartarus with the rules! He could have her right now. He could use his compelling powers to make her completely fall for him. He could erase her memories and then take her life force as she slowly withered away into nothingness. He had several other options to take her for him before other incubi had her in their radar. He could mark her so she’ll desire him and only him . . .

The possibilities of controlling her were endless. He could do it now. He really had no reason to delay the inevitable any longer unless . . .

Unless you’ve grown attached, his inner thought filled the blanks for him.

He pulled his hand away, nearly causing her to fall over. The words taunted his mind and he had the urge to suddenly disappear and erase every trace of his existence from her mind. Panic rose in his chest and he was looking around, desperate that he is unable to leave the dream world quickly.

What is going on?

“Master?” Nola’s soft voice interrupted his anxiety attack and he locked his eyes on her. His panic-stricken face now contorted into one of rage, disgust, and . . .


Fear? What did he have to fear? He was an incubus, one of the fiercest demon classes in the underworld. He had slept with thousands of men and women and felt absolutely nothing for them—much less fear.

Her innocent face paled and she eyed him with a twinge of hurt. Another sensation panged in his chest and Azereth recognized this emotion immediately.


Guilt at having hurt her.

“I apologize, my pet,” he said smoothly, desperate to keep the reins of control in his grasp. “I suppose I was saying things that were confusing. Please tell me what is on your mind.”

Nola nodded and shifted around. Her eyes stayed glued to him, and instead of her gaze looking submissive and eager to please, they looked curious and . . . hopeful.

“If you exist, th-then I’ll be more than happy to meet you,” she said softly. “B-but I don’t know if I should get my hopes up. How would I know it’s you when I wake up?” she said quietly and shook her head.

Azereth’s lip curled. “How about we have a code then?”

She raised a brow. “A code?”

“Yes, a code that only we can understand and show each other. If you suspect someone you see is me, you will show me a mark and I will show you mine,” he said.

Nola tilted her head to the side. “I-I don’t understand. Do you mean a bite mark?”


“That’s . . .” She sucked in her breath. “Impossible. How can a bite mark here make it to reality anyway?”

He smirked. “We won’t know until we try, pet.”

Nola studied his expression. He looked confident and so sure of himself that she felt silly for even doubting him. She’s already in too deep with him and literally had nothing left to lose.

“Okay, master.” She let out a sigh and lay back down on the grass. “Mark me.”

– written by an upcoming erotic romance author

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