In the Realm of Dreams – Chapter One: Out of Luck

Plot synopsis: A woman is haunted by dreams of a mysterious man, not knowing he is an incubus. This story is divided into four parts and deals with dominance and submission themes.

The following story has explicit content. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter One: Out of Luck

“Damn it!”

A short, dark-haired woman entered into her small apartment building in annoyance. As the door shut quickly behind her, she tossed her keys into the bowl on the small storage cabinet next to the entrance and took off her shoes. Her body already experienced the exhaustion of today’s events mixed with her frustrations.

Five interviews. She went to five different interviews today and didn’t get a single job offer.

She dragged herself to her room a few paces away, her socked feet nearly slipping on the clean wooden floors before she sat on her office chair.

She supposed she should be grateful, she thought, trying her hardest to see the positives. Most employers wouldn’t even tell their applicants in person that they didn’t get the job. Usually, they would either offer a non-committal promise of an email, or worse, give false hope. It was refreshing in a way to receive rejection quickly.

But still…

She let out a sigh.

It still hurts to be rejected.

She opened her portfolio. Were her credentials not valid enough? Sure, she didn’t graduate at the top of her class and her alma mater isn’t necessarily prestigious but was her sample work so bad that it warranted an immediate rejection?

She, for sure, had thought that her essays and sample articles in various magazines would get her the job of editor. Maybe the city she just recently moved in had higher standards than she thought.

She bit her lower lip and looked at her resume on the front page of her portfolio.

Nola Andrews. 25. English graduate with a master’s degree. Somewhat decent experience in online marketing and project management. Had years of freelancing as a student with various contact information with former clients . . .

Still jobless.

“Okay Nola, quit the pity party!” she said out loud and tossed her portfolio on her desk. “Just because you didn’t get a job today doesn’t mean you won’t get it tomorrow. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, and just keep looking,” she said, willing herself to get out of her head. Maybe some takeout and Netflix would help ease her mind.

And some alcohol. She was sure she still had some vodka in the fridge.

The night went on as Nola drowned her disappointment in K-dramas, vodka, and leftover takeout. After hours of giggling at random scenes, laughing at unfunny clips on YouTube, randomly crying after seeing cute cat videos, and apologizing to the neighbors for making such a racket; she then forced herself to change into her pajamas and head to bed.

This would’ve been cute if it was a one-time thing. If this was her first rodeo, she would’ve brushed it off and apply to more jobs online, but it had been weeks since she had moved to the city. With zero job offers and her savings slowly drying up, she was slowly wondering if she could even afford to live in her already modest apartment.

She groaned, pushing her worrying thoughts at the back of her mind. She’ll worry about that in the morning.

The apartment was relatively neat despite Nola’s drunken coping shenanigans. As the night went on, the sounds of cars, dogs, and motorcycles passing by immediately faded off into the background. The streetlights that illuminated across the area dimmed and the sky darkened considerably. Nola lay asleep in her bed, oblivious to everything else as she sought recluse in the land of dreams.

The digital alarm clock on her nightstand quickly shifted to midnight, and a faint cracking sound echoed in the dead of the night. If Nola was a light sleeper, she certainly would’ve been in for a surprise at the sudden visitor in her apartment.

The darkness of the room shielded his silhouette perfectly. Prior to his sudden entrance, the swivel office chair facing an ancient-looking laptop on the desk was relatively empty—save for the lone damp towel that hung off its frame.

When he appeared, he winced slightly at the sensation of the damp towel against his back. He was not expecting such a messy entrance. Weeks of following his new target should have prepared him for possible slight annoyances, but that can easily be overlooked.

Usually, his dearest meal wasn’t a messy person. Weeks of following her endlessly had him pegging her as a goody two-shoes. Now that she was away from her sacred guarded community and moved into the city of sin, she was ripe for the taking.

The figure smirked at this victory and slowly stood up. He stretched his arms above his head. The small hint of light that the moon shone through the window illuminated his figure perfectly, showing that he was anything but human.

His body, toned and well-sculpted, was completely naked. His jet-black hair which fell past his shoulders contrasted perfectly with his pale skin, while his pitch-black eyes had a hint of gold in them. A pair of short and sharp Tiefling horns protruded from either temple, framing his chiseled face perfectly. On his back were a pair of onyx-scaled wings that could stretch up to a meter. He was beautiful, much too beautiful to be an ordinary human and his demonic features were only a hint of his true monster within.

He was an object of lust, of carnal desires.

An incubus.

He stood up, yawned, stretching his arms and wings. Fortunately, he didn’t knock over anything, lest he’d make a noise and accidentally awaken his meal. If she awoke, he would have to take her by force and he wasn’t a fan of such desperate measures.

Part of the fun of being an incubus was to slowly take their victim’s life force. While his fellow incubi loved the debauchery, the high of sexual orgies, and the thrill of taking what is theirs—Azereth was different. He had long gotten over that phase and would much rather play the chase of slowly taking his meal to the end.

But then again, it depended on what his meal was.

This one in particular was a taste Azereth hadn’t had in centuries—a virgin at twenty-five. While he had seen his target when she turned ripe at eighteen, the sacred grounds of her village had shielded their people with ease, preventing Azereth and his fellow demons to feast upon the pure life force of the ripe villagers. Nowadays, no one from her land knew of the history her village possessed. Like all of history, the story of their sacred land was buried deeply into the earth—no longer relevant for the modern generations to care.

He licked his lips excitedly and approached his meal. The minute she had left her sacred village to look for greener pastures in the city was when Azereth knew he had to take her. He had followed her within the shadows, watching her struggle to make ends meet in her silly mortal life when at night, she would lay vulnerable for him to feast.

Weeks have passed and Azereth had slowly planted the seed of desire within her. She was still pure, still uncertain of the pleasures of the flesh, but when he was there for her in that realm—she was immediately taken by him.

Hunger danced in his eyes. He climbed on the bed with ease, crawling over to her petite frame that lay buried within the covers. Her long hair fanned around her face prettily. Her eyes were shut and it was clear to Azereth that she was waiting in anticipation for him, her “dream lover”.

He chuckled and rested on top of her. The temptation to have her was strong but Azereth was patient, he’ll have her begging for all of him soon enough.

He rested his head on top of hers, pressing his body against her frame. He could feel it, feel her experience the heavy weight on her chest as she lay immobilized. Doctors may call it sleep paralysis, but Azereth knew better.

“Time to play, little one,” he whispered and entered into the dream realm to find her.

– written by an upcoming erotic romance author

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