How to Write a Sizzling Love Scene

One of the most satisfying experiences as a reader of erotic romances is getting to the love scene. Depending on the book’s premise, the love scene could either make or break the entire story.

Regardless of the author’s intention, writing a love scene can certainly be awkward if one hasn’t done it before. Nevertheless, here are some handy tips for writing a steamy love scene:

  • Create tension. Tension is the underlying force beneath conflict. While conflict is obvious and blatant, tension creates an ominous atmosphere that keeps the reader engaged until the very end. To make your love scene truly pop, make sure to build up the tension between the two lovers first, so the scene’s climax becomes more satisfying. You can write tension through dialogue, the character’s actions, and how their words may not match how they genuinely feel.
  • Learn the art of teasing. Consider having the two characters have a push-or-pull dynamic. For example, two characters are on opposite ends of the debate team in college. Still, they have incredible chemistry when they’re not at each other’s throats. Another is when a player takes it upon himself to teach a virginal friend how to kiss. The possibilities are endless.
  • Cater to the senses. The love scene is the most sensual scene of the book, so it makes sense to engage the five senses when doing the deed. These senses are, of course—seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, and tasting. Describe how the characters look flushed, their scent, the feel of their skin, the noises they make, and how their lips taste.

There are many ways to make a love scene sizzle, but an essential part is not to overthink it. Regardless of your experience writing this type of scene, always remember that practice makes perfect. Good luck!

– written by a guest writer

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