Page 14 – Reality

Weeks passed and I still hadn’t gone out to school. My bruises were still visible. I don’t know what’s happening outside or if they were people looking for me. Will Jake look for me? Will my friends look for me?

I don’t even recognize what day it is every day. I just stayed here in my room staring at the ceiling, still thinking about what happened that day. Sometimes, I read the books I bought that day repeatedly or I would take out my notebook and write my thoughts and feelings.

I’m not that good at drawing but I’ve been sketching a lot about my dream life. Where I was free, where I was able to do what I wanted to do, where I can be who I am without holding back…

As my mind wandered off while staring at the ceiling, someone knocked on my door which brought me back from my reverie. It was unusual for me because no one had knocked on my door since that day. I just looked at the door and sometimes it opened.

There, I saw my professor with his wife. They were like the closest teacher to me. I almost teared up seeing them on the door but I held myself back. I don’t want to assume things that would hurt me in the end.

They both entered my room and closed the door behind them. Miss walked to my direction and hugged me so tight. Right then and there, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling from my eyes. She just remained there hugging me without saying a word.

I cried my heart out and they both coaxed me. They waited until I’m done crying. Eventually, I couldn’t stop crying but at least not like the start. Miss looked at me worriedly and caressed my hair.

“How are you, dear?” She asked.

“I’m okay now, Miss. What brings you here?” I asked and flashed them a weak smile.

“We were worried about you. It’s been weeks since you’ve last gone to school. Is everything alright?” My professor said and asked.

I just nodded my head and kept my head low. I was too embarrassed to say what really happened. I was scared that their reactions would be like those of my parents and leave me there.

“Are you sure? Because your legs are full of bruises. What happened?” Miss asked with concern evident in her voice.

I just kept my mouth shut. I don’t want other people to humiliate me too. I know what I did was wrong but it doesn’t feel wrong to me. For me, it was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt throughout my life.

They both just nodded, not wanting to force me to say anything. They must’ve felt that it’s hard for me to open up about the issue to them.

Miss hugged me until I calmed down and stopped crying. She just sat there holding me in her arms like I was her own. My eyes started to drift off and before I knew it, I slept peacefully in the arms of my professor’s wife.

When I woke up, it was already dark and my door was shut again. I heaved a long sigh and sat on the bed as my back hit the headboard. I reached for my pencil and sketching pad then started to sketch a woman.

I was so engrossed in my sketching that I didn’t notice my door opened. On the side of my eye, I looked at who it is and it was my father. I ignored him and just continued to sketch. As soon as I was finished, I put my things back on the bedside table and lied down on my bed.

I turned to the other side so my back would be facing him. I didn’t want to hear his excuse for beating me up like that and most certainly, I didn’t want to see him. I closed my eyes and I heard him sigh.

I acted like I was sleeping and minutes later, I heard footsteps coming into my room. I know it’s him but I pretended not to notice him since I acted sleeping.

I heard some noises of rummage on my table and a minute or two, I heard his footsteps again going out and the closing of my door. When I couldn’t hear his faint footsteps anymore, I opened my eyes and faced the ceiling. I was about to look at what we had done on my table but I didn’t want to at that moment.

Without anything else to do, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep again. A few minutes after, I had a dream. In my dream, everything was normal, like nothing had happened.

I was constantly seeing Jake in my dream. We were together. He would come and pick me up at school when it’s over, then we will both head out to the mall or the plaza and just spend the afternoon like that, holding each other’s hand, not wanting to let go.

In one scene of my dream, I skipped my afternoon class to spend time with Jake. We were both having fun in the arcade. We played like most of the games in there, but what makes us both so competitive was when we were playing basketball.

I know I’m no match for Jake but he would purposely lose so that I would win and I would nag him on his doings and he just laughed it off and would playfully joke about my skills on playing and tease me off.

We would end up running. Me wanting to hit him for teasing me and Jake running away from me not wanting to be hit and he would hide in a corner then when I passed by, he would hug me from the back and says, “I love you,” then we would stop.

After a tiring play on the arcade, he would treat me to the food court. He would buy us lots of meals then make me eat it all. I am so happy in my dream that I didn’t want to wake up but of course, I can’t stay in my dream for as long as I want to be. Eventually, I would wake up to the cruel reality that I’m locked up in my own room.

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