Moalboal Madness

I have a lot of fond memories of this little wild town in the southern part of Cebu called Moalboal. My go-to place whenever I want to unwind, recharge and have peace of mind. Aside from a healthy marine life to dive into, good restaurants and bars also surround the area. Chili bar is the most famous spot to party in Panagsama beach during pre-pandemic days. This bar is chill during the day but packed and wild at night.

I was sipping my glass of jagerbomb one time, listening to loud music, watching people dancing on the floor, and some were playing billiards. Chili bar was packed that friday evening with foreigners, ladyboys and so as hookers wanting some foreign cocks to fuck. I was at one corner when a tall, handsome, young German guy asked me to dance with him. I said I’m not good at it, but I could see that he was too, so we didn’t really mind mixing with the people at the center dancing to the music.

His name is Stefan. He was traveling in Cebu for a vacation. He bought me drinks and we got along very well. This man was also protecting me from drunk, rowdy men at the bar, and I appreciated it. We talked, we danced, and we kissed. We probably got carried away by our drinks, that we started touching each other affectionately. He was full of energy, with beautiful blue eyes that I love to stare each time, and a good-looking face. Many ladyboys wanted him but he stuck by my side, which I kind of like.

It was getting late when I decided to exit the bar with my newfound lover. We walked by the beach to breathe fresh air while kissing and hugging each other. He invited me to come to his hotel room. I already knew then where it was going, and it’s probably what I wanted as well, to have sex with him. He wasn’t my first German guy, so I was well aware that they have huge cocks, and that’s what I wanted to enjoy again that night. We arrived at his deluxe room and started doing foreplay right away. I liked it that way. He was kissing my neck and squeezing my breasts which turned me on. We then started undressing each other, and I gave his long, white, thick cock a blowjob. I heard him moaning in pleasure. He stopped for a little while getting something in the closet. I knew it was a condom, but that wasn’t it. To my surprise, it was a butt plug. A sex toy inserted into one’s butt hole for pleasure and to stretch the anus makes it less painful for a bigger toy to insert, which is a man’s cock. It’s also good for deep penetration by wearing one during vaginal penetration. I felt excited immediately and was prepared for it. I definitely love anal sex.

He put some lubricant on the butt plug and slowly inserted it into my ass. It was painful initially but pleasurable when my ass was getting used to it. He asked me how I was feeling. I gripped his face and moaned in pleasure to express my feelings. He continued kissing me from my neck down to my naked, horny body. I whispered to his ears while stroking his hard cock, “I love your toy, but toys are meant for kids. I want a real one now!”

He pulled the butt plug out of my ass right away and roughly inserted his hard cock into my wet pussy. His cock is so big. It felt so good sliding back and forth inside me. He was thrusting inside my wet pussy a few times and switched fucking my ass. He did it very quickly. I was surprised when I already felt his cock inside my ass. I screamed in pain, but it was pleasurable at the same time. The kind of feeling you don’t want to stop. He gripped my butt cheeks and roughly rubbed it back and forth into his huge cock. He was unstoppable this time. He also pulled my hair which added pleasure for me. We were moaning loudly together, and our voices echoed into the night. Both my pussy and ass were so damn wet. When he was about to cum, he stood quickly beside the bed and pulled his condom off. He held my head and let me suck his dick hard. Stefan cummed and exploded inside my mouth. I sucked it all in and licked the remaining around his cock. I was so satisfied, and so was he. My ass was swollen the next day after being penetrated by a huge cock, but it healed eventually, and when it did, I started craving for more anal sex. It was one of my unforgettable sex adventures, getting my ass fucked by a butt plug and a German cock in Moalboal.

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