Sex on the Beach in Boracay

I consider Boracay as my happy place since I first visited in 2014, not just because of its beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets but also the island’s wild side during the night. Boracay always gives me the best time, so I travel there every year to celebrate my birthday, pre-pandemic days.

It was November 2018 when I first traveled solo in Boracay. I stayed in a beachfront hostel in Station 2, where most bars are located. Tinder was my go-to app to meet other travelers and to have fun, of course. You know what I mean. The island becomes my playground at night. Since Boracay is full of foreigners, I had fun exploring different men at that time. I dated a French guy on my first night, a Brazilian on my second night, and a guy from Spain on my third night. I had sex with the two except the last one coz I still got hooked with the Brazilian guy. He’s damn hot. Diego is his name. He was traveling together with his soccer team. A bunch of hot, sexy men. Some were BBCs. Diego and I had wild sex in bed while his other friend was having oral sex in the balcony with another girl. It was like a sex party for these men. They had fun, and so did I. I definitely enjoyed my birthday weekend that year on the island.

But it wasn’t really my best moment yet in Boracay. A year later, I had a meaningful encounter with a German guy on my birthday again. His name is Jurgen. It was his first-time visiting Philippines. Meeting him was a crazy story. I had a friend who is a virgin and was traveling with me at that time whom I wanted to find a date on the island. I always tease her that she might lose her virginity in Boracay coz we had an agreement to go wild and just be crazy when we arrived. So as soon as we did, we went straight to a club. I was already drunk when I initiated a conversation with this hot German guy, so he would ask my virgin friend for a dance. However, we ended up having a long conversation instead. My virgin friend met another decent German and she almost lost her virginity, but she declined to go with him. I ended up sleeping with Jurgen that night while my friend went back to our hotel.

Jurgen wasn’t that aggressive at first. He was even formal and trying to avoid girls coz he had a girlfriend back in Germany. I thought at first, we never gonna have sex. But he took me to his hotel room and slowly put his hands between my legs. He undressed me. I told him we didn’t have to do it since he has a girlfriend. But he was tempted with me. He said he wanted to try having sex with an Asian girl coz he never had. Since he’s good-looking, attractive, and very masculine, I just gave in. His cock was already hard, and when I touched it. I was surprised! Wow! It’s so big and thick! The kind of dick that can really satisfy a woman. One of the biggest I had.

He’s uncircumcised though, but it’s super thick! When he started inserting his cock inside my vagina, my mind just blew away. It took him a while to insert it all in coz I was too tight for him. I was the tightest girl he ever fucked, he said. So, he was so aroused and didn’t want to give up. After a few attempts, he finally managed to insert all his cock inside me, and we started enjoying having wild sex. I could feel my vaginal walls stretched widely to the side, making way for this huge German cock. He enjoyed fucking my tight vagina. I felt pain, but I didn’t mind coz I was also enjoying his hard thick cock. I whispered to him while moaning as he was fucking me hard, “Yeah! Wreck my pussy hard! Aaahh! Fuck me more!” Not long enough, he exploded inside my vagina. He probably liked our first sex that he didn’t let me go after.

Night after night, we dated, and each night, we did multiple rounds of sexual intercourse. One time we went to this bar in Station 1, playing Latin American dance music. Jurgen was into dancing bachata. It’s a sexy dance with a slow beat music. We danced the night away, and when we got tipsy, we also became horny.

We decided to go for a walk by the beach, looking for a place to hide. I couldn’t help myself as I told him I wanted to fuck him. We agreed to have a quickie in a dark corner underneath a palm tree beside the beach. We knew it was illegal, and we were afraid getting caught, but we also liked to have a little sense of adventure. I was wearing a mini dress that night, making it easy for him to remove my underwear. I slowly unzipped his pants and asked him to lie down on the sand as I sat on top of him. I didn’t wear any bra that night, so I grabbed his hands and placed it on my breasts as he gently squeezed them. I inserted my wet pussy quickly on his hard, thick cock. I bounced up and down on top of him and grinned hard in satisfaction. I closed my eyes, feeling the rhythm of my moves as the cold wind blew my hair while I enjoyed fucking his cock. I could hear him moaning in pleasure. It didn’t take long as he exploded his cum.

I love seeing men having an orgasm while I’m on top. It felt so good to receive a shit load of cum inside my pussy, and it slowly drips as soon as I pulled the cock out. Getting some of it and licked it on my fingers.

On that little dark corner underneath the palm tree, we managed to have a satisfying quickie. It didn’t stop there. Jurgen traveled with me in Cebu, and our sex adventures just kept getting intense. Boracay is wild, and it only keeps getting better every time. See you there on my next adventure.

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