Page 12 – Goodbye

The next day, I checked my phone and Jake bombarded me with calls and texts asking if I’m alright. He said he got worried about me the whole night because I didn’t even answer a single one of his texts or calls.

I promised Jake that I would meet him at the mall again. Even though I was anxious about what had happened, that didn’t stop me from seeing him. I want to make it up for him for leaving in a rush without any proper good bye’s or whatsoever.

I prepared myself to go to school and went out without even eating breakfast or greeting my parents. I didn’t want to talk with them honestly. I just wanted a life of freedom but that’s not even possible.

Throughout the entire day, my mind’s running around. I tried so hard to focus on my classes but my mind couldn’t grasp a single lesson. I just couldn’t get it.

Not long, the school bell rang which was a sign that our morning classes had ended and it’s time for us to eat our lunch. I grabbed all my things and went out. Instead of going to the school’s cafeteria, I went straight to our school gate.

Our school gates were opened whenever we’re on our lunch break and I took that opportunity to go out and meet with Jake. I passed the guard and waited on the side of the road to hail a cab.

I took out my phone and sent a message to Jake saying that I’m on my way to the mall. As soon as I put my phone down, a cab stopped beside me. I got in and told the driver to go to the mall where Jake and I decided to meet.

It took almost 30 minutes for me to arrive at the mall as the roads were busy and there was heavy traffic along the way. I paid the driver the exact amount of my fee before I got out of his cab.

I went inside the mall and the first thing I did is to go to a fast-food chain and ordered some food. I was so hungry and it even slipped my mind that I didn’t eat my breakfast earlier.

I texted Jake my location and he replied that I should wait for him there and so I did. My order arrived and I immediately ate the food. I didn’t care about anyone else but my food.

My stomach’s so full when I was done eating. I went to the bathroom to freshen up my face and went back to my table. Not long after I got back, Jake walked in my direction and sat on the chair in front of me.

He ordered some food and while waiting we talked about what happened last night and he said that he was sorry. I eventually told him that it wasn’t his fault because it was clearly mine.

Jake’s food arrived and he ate it. He asked me if I want some but I said no since I’ve already eaten and my stomach was full. When he was almost finished, I prepared myself to go out of the fast-food chain.

Before we left, he bought me french fries which I ate when we walked all around the mall. He decided to stop by the view on the second floor. Jake found us some bench and we sat there.

I tried to open up a conversation with him but cat got my tongue. No words were coming out of my mouth so I kept quiet instead and looked at the beautiful scenery unfolding in front of us.

I felt Jake’s hand touching mine and so we intertwined our hands together as we turn our heads to look at each other. My eyes met his and had been locked.

No words can be heard from any of us. It’s like our eyes were speaking for us. Inch by inch we’re both leaning close. I closed my eyes an inch apart and waited for his lips on mine.

When both our lips met, we stayed like that for a minute or so without moving. Just our lips crashed together. We broke off the kiss and stared at each other’s eyes again

I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. I was the one who broke our eye contact and leaned on his shoulders resting my head. For those moments, I wished that time would stop so I can live by that moment for a lifetime but of course, that can’t be.

We stayed like that for a little while before I stood up. I untangled my hand on him as I looked down on him since he was still sitting on the bench.

“Jake, it has been wonderful to meet you. No words can express how happy I am.” I said to him and smiled.

His brows furrowed. “Why are you saying goodbye?” He asked me.

I nodded at him. “I don’t want to be late at home again. I don’t know what would happen next if I do,” I told him as I lowered my head.

He sighed deeply. “It’s alright. I understand. No need to worry about it. Besides I don’t want you to get slapped again,” Jake said and got up then hugged me tightly.

I hugged him back not wanting to let him go but we both know how serious the consequences could be if I’m home late again. We were on our way out of the mall when National Book Store got caught on the side of my eye.

I halted and so did Jake as well. I told him that I’m going to buy something from National and he should wait for me outside. He agreed to it and let me go to buy the thing on my own.

I just picked random things that I would be using and also books for me to read. I went back to Jake and we walked out of the mall. Jake waited beside me on the side of the road.

He hailed a cab for me.

When a cab stopped beside us, we bid each other farewell.

I was about to go inside the cab when Jake pulled me back and gave me a quick kiss. I smiled at him for what he did and got in the cab. I rolled my window down and waved goodbye to Jake.

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