Tinder Madness

Swipe right, swipe left. I literally got hooked by this hook-up app FOR YEARS. Can you just imagine how many guys I’ve dated? Just like the stars, it’s countless. Israelis first, American for some time, Asian for a little while, then for fuck sake, I did a Euro tour, ladies and gentlemen. My pussy got totally busted by these foreign men. I felt every inch of their dicks in each corner of my vaginal walls. It felt damn good. I crave for more.

I will share my experiences with these men by country in a series of my writings. So without further ado, let’s start with Israel. My favorite of all nationalities. Hot, sexy, good-looking, intelligent, romantic men. My very first tinder date, my very first encounter of BDSM, and most of all, I found true love to an Israeli. All because of Tinder. But just like they say, not all true love is meant to last. So I continued my dating adventures.

When I first discovered Tinder, I immediately matched with a couple of men. I had fun chatting with most of them. But only one man was able to convince me to meet up. Little did I know, I stumbled to a dominant man who was into BDSM, a variety of often erotic practices involving bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism. The movie Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t released at that time. However, I already tried becoming an Anastasia.

Bar was his name. A twenty-six-year-old lawyer and a businessman from Israel. My first ever Tinder date. Aside from his great looks, he’s also very smart and romantic. I was head over heels when I first saw him at a rooftop restaurant near Ayala. After dining out, we decided to continue drinking in his hotel room. But he wasn’t alone in the room, he was traveling with his best friend.

It took us a while to get a taxi that evening because it was almost Sinulog Festival. Cebu was too busy. Traffic was inevitable, and going commute took hours. So while waiting beside the street, Bar and I had a conversation then he suddenly began being touchy in the most romantic way showing his interest in me. He was gliding his hand back and forth over the curves of my body. He held me on the side of my waist closer to him like a gentleman would do to his girlfriend. I was shy at first coz he was my first Tinder date. A foreigner. I always think he might be a serial killer or something, but he made me so comfortable being with him. People around us began noticing how PDA we were. We didn’t even kiss yet our bodies were so close with each other as if he was about to fuck me. I think both of our minds spoke the same language at that time, “I can’t wait to have sex with you”.

We then arrived at his hotel room in Mandaue. His best friend was there on the other bed. While Bar and I sit on the other while watching a movie with a beer on our hands. We covered half of our bodies with a comforter. Then I suddenly felt his fingers touching my legs slowly going upwards at the center of my pussy. Because I liked him, I just gave in, besides his tight touches felt so warm and good. I immediately got wet.

He whispered, “Wow! You’re so wet.”

I simply smiled back at him.

He was probably aroused that he began giving me a finger fuck. Of course, we did this secretly under the sheets. I held back my moan to prevent his best friend from noticing our naughty moves. But I already wanted to scream in satisfaction. He was already hard too. We looked at each other face to face and he said, “Let’s go to the bathroom.”

I answered okay right away.

I got in first and he followed. I turned off the light and he complained it was too dark. I was too shy so he decided to turn on his phone using an app with a red light. It added sexiness in the atmosphere along with our horny bodies. Everything happened so quickly after that. We undressed each other so fast and he put his condom on. He had a medium size penis but was at least circumcised. He sat on the toilet bowl and I sat on top of his lap. We started fucking right away. I bounced up and down on top of him. I fucked him hard and fast. I told him while smiling, “You’re making me sweat!”

He looked at me straight in the eye and pushed me hard on the wall. I like his roughness. It turned me on. He began fucking me so fast from my back while we’re in a standing position. This time I couldn’t hold my moan. He covered my mouth so tight, while his other hand gripped and pulled my hair as he was thrusting so roughly on my vagina. I was so satisfied. I exclaimed, “Yeah fuck me hard!” He fucked me even harder.

Next, he pushed me down on the floor with his clothes underneath to cushion me. He continued fucking me hard until he cummed inside me with his condom on. Our bodies were covered in sweat. It was a great sex. We washed and cleaned ourselves. His best friend laughed at us upon exiting the bathroom. I guess he already knew what happened.

I came back home that night, and we met again the next day. This time it was just me and Bar inside their hotel room. His best friend went out to play at the casino. It was also this time that I noticed his strange behavior. I thought at first, he was just rough in bed but there was something else. While lying down next to each other, he tried to squeeze my body. Intertwining my legs with his. He also did the same to my hands and arms. He did this very gently but still, I can feel the pain while he was squeezing me. I can see the pleasure on his face while he was doing this. I couldn’t help but asked, “Why are you hurting me?”

He answered, “It’s called DOMINATION”.

I was then surprised and my curiosity began. He didn’t fuck me that night, but we had oral sex. We went to the casino after that and he played games. Bar was very sweet and romantic to be with. He just had a strange behavior in bed. We had sex again the next day and he tied my arms in each side of the bed pole while fucking me hard. It was hot.

Even when he went back to Israel, Bar and I kept in touch for a year. He would ask me to write his name with a pentel pen in between my thighs or under my belly button, while I’m wearing just my underwear and I take a picture of it. He said it would turn him on. I began to think if this man is a dominant man, and I just allowed him to, then maybe I’m a submissive woman or worse, a masochist.

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