Are Virtual Romantic Relationships Worth it?

The pandemic has brought so much change in the way we do things in the world. Life in captivity is filled with restrictions and longingness. Despite the now open world, CoVid-19 has already harshly closed the doors for opportunities, including the chances of love and relationships. Individuals who have been waiting for the right person to come along now have one question on their minds: Are Virtual Romantic Relationships worth it?

For those curious about virtual relationships, here are a few things I’ve learned from my own experiences…

Virtual relationships are tricky.

A love relationship is one thing, but a love relationship over the internet is an entirely different matter. The internet, dear reader, restricts communication to how the recipient interprets the message they receive. Whether a couple is married, engaged, or just dating, no two people are so perfectly in sync that everything they communicate via the internet is perfectly understood on the other line. As a result, online channels are a difficult score to nail down the perfect partner.

Long Distance Relationships rarely work for the doubtful.

Emphasizing the word “Trust” embedded in the statement. In LDRs, trust is a critical component of any relationship, and it can cause a lot of damage when it begins to diminish over time. Is there a way to compensate for this? Constant assurance.

Trust, Communication, and Understanding.

Finally, here are the three most important things to keep in mind when you’re in a relationship, whether it’s online or offline. Everything that one may do for the other should be in the best interest of both parties. Otherwise, what point is there to be together without trust, communication, and understanding?

This brings me to the final question, are virtual romantic relationships really worth it? This is a question only you can answer, my dear reader.

– written by a guest writer

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