Page 11 – The Slap

I focused on my studies. Jake and I texted from time to time and whenever we did, we would always do our thing. I kept it a secret from everyone even my friends. I didn’t tell them a thing about Jake and me.

My day started as usual. I could care less about what my day would become. I’ve been so careful every time Jake and I would do something naughty.

After class instead of going home directly, I went to the mall and play. I wanted to reminisce those times with Jake when we’re playing in the arcade. We were so happy that day like nothing could go wrong.

When I arrived at the mall, I immediately went to the arcade and bought a lot of token coins. The lady on the counter smiled at me while giving the tokens to me and of course, I smiled back.

I played the games Jake and I did when we were here. I was so engrossed in the game and didn’t care about anyone or even the time. I just played happily while memories of me and Jake here were flowing through my mind.

I didn’t even notice someone was staring at me for a long time behind me. I just played and played. As I was playing, a set of arms was wrapped on my waist and his chin was on my shoulder blade.

I froze on the spot and stopped my game as I turned my head in the direction where the culprit rested his chin. When I looked over, it was Jake. I turned my body towards him and hugged him. I couldn’t even believe that he was there.

I broke off the hug and looked at him intently. “How is he here? Isn’t he on his job? When was he here?”

“Is it really you?” I asked him.

“Who else could it be?” he replied.

“How?” I asked him again.

“I just arrived and decided to chill first. So I roamed around the mall and then I thought I saw you from afar so I just went to follow if it is really you,” he explained and I nodded.

Our conversation went on and on. We head out of the arcade and he brought me to a restaurant. He treated me for dinner. I didn’t care about anything else at that moment but Jake.

I was so glad that he was there and all the unpleasant things that had happened recently vanished. Not too long, the food we ordered arrived at our table and that was the moment we both fell silent and enjoyed our food.

When we both finished eating, I excused myself to go to the restroom and peed, then went back to our table again. I checked my phone to see what time it was and I was shocked.

I felt like a cold bucket of water drench me. My mom and dad bombarded me with calls and I wasn’t able to answer a single one of them. They also sent me lots of text messages even my friends too. Jake saw the change in my emotion.

I was so dead. “What should I do? What should I tell them? Oh, God! Help me please.!”

Those words were running through my mind at that time. I couldn’t be bothered with Jake anymore who’s looking at me filled with worry. I could imagine what my parents’ faces would look like when I would go back.

I stood up abruptly and head out of the mall to hail a cab and went straight home. Jake followed after me in a rush. I was on the side of the road when Jake pulled my hand and our gazes met.

He pulled me into a hug and I struggled to get off of him. I really needed to get home or else. All the worst cases scenarios of consequences flashed through my mind if I won’t be home any sooner.

“Let go of me, Jake! I badly need to get home! I’m gonna be dead if I don’t get home now!” I yelled at him and pushed him away from me.

He stood there looking at me. And maybe realization dawned on him of how serious the situation was. He helped me hail a cab when he got back to his senses.

Not long, a cab halted at our side and I immediately went inside and told the driver my address. I was so nervous that I was panicking at that moment. I struggled to hold myself back at shouting to the driver to hurry up.

When the cab stopped in front of my house, I gave him a 500 peso bill and didn’t even wait for my change and ran inside. The moment I opened the door, mom and dad were standing in our living room with phones in their hands and it looked like they had just finished quarreling on something.

They both looked at me with worry and at the same time raging expression. I know right there and then that I’d be dead, well, not literally though.

My mom was the first to respond and hugged me chanting thank God I’m okay and that I’m back. But the moment the hug broke off, I received a hard slap from my father that I even tumbled on the floor at the impact of it.

My mom and I were not shocked about it. I deserved that slap anyway. When I got back up on my feet, another slap went to my face on the other side, still coming from my father.

My mom couldn’t react that time because she thought that my dad would only slap me once but an unexpected slap happened again so I couldn’t blame my mom. I just have myself to blame.

I feel like crying at that moment but I dared not to. This was my fault and that was the consequence of what I did. I didn’t have any right to argue with it. My dad wanted to slap me again but this time my mom held him back.

My dad was so filled with rage. I could see it through his eyes. Even though my mom had a subtle look, I knew deep down that she’s disappointed and mad at me. She just chose to sympathize with me because I received two hard slaps from my dad which caused the blood on my lips and the swelling of my face.

My mom told me to go to my room as she was still grabbing a hold of my father. With my head looking at the ground, I went to my room and locked myself in. I cried for that night and didn’t even bother to check my phone.

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