Forgive me for I have sinned. I had sex with my cousin’s husband.

It was odd, to receive a message from my cousin’s husband. I think we have seen each other twice in family gatherings. I was familiar with him, and so was he to me. He chatted with me one time on Facebook. I wasn’t sure where he knew that I walked with clients. But he offered me an indecent proposal.

I was a college student at that time. “Young, dumb, and broke” as they say. This man is a young doctor. Both he and my cousin are doctors. My cousin is a beauty and brains type. She’s very beautiful and a board topnotcher yet he still managed to cheat on her, with me.

He kept on messaging me on Facebook offering me money in exchange for sex. I declined a million times thinking what will happen next if we get caught. I also have so much respect for my cousin though I haven’t seen her for a long time. But a series of unfortunate events occurred and I was super broke. It was our midterms week. I needed to pay my tuition fee so I can take our exams. When he messaged me again and offered me money, I have no other choice but to say yes. Aside from my monetary needs, what made me say yes the most was his consistency. Honestly, it was arousing.

And so I met my cousin’s husband. He picked me up with his car and took me to a motel in Mandaue. He’s young, formal, and he smells good. He told me I was the only girl he walked with ever coz he was afraid of having sex with other women. He might get caught STDs, he said. But what turned him on the most of having me is knowing that I’m his wife’s cousin. Good looks run in our blood, he said. He only wanted his wife, and me, secretly.

By the time we entered the motel room, I took a shower, then him next. We drank beers and had a little conversation. It was kind of awkward really but I can already feel how horny he was. I was young and naked beside him. He treated me well which I liked. He made me feel like I was his girlfriend. So it turned me on. In my mind I thought, I was already willing to offer my body to this man whenever he wanted it.

Tipsy that time, we then started kissing.

Believe me, this man was too horny. He can almost swallow my face just by kissing. I felt how much he waited for this moment to happen. So I stripped the blanket off my body and sat on top of him. He was also sitting lying his back on the bed frame. He started kissing my breast. I held his head and gently stroked his hair, while he was devouring my boobs. I bent my back a little in satisfaction. I moaned as he was kissing me well.

He couldn’t hold it any longer and inserted his hard cock inside me. He was like a boy who just had a new toy. He was so excited. He fucked me like crazy, banging me hard on the bed. He kept on saying, I was so wet inside as he loved it. I was lying down and didn’t do much coz he did all the work in fucking me. But when he was about to cum, he inserted his cock inside my mouth. He stood up, I kneeled down and sucked his dick hard. He wanted me to swallow his cum. I couldn’t. He said his wife, my cousin, always swallow his cum. I was surprised coz my cousin acts like an angel. But then he said, she’s wild, just like me. I continued sucking him until he cummed. He cummed inside my mouth. He was satisfied. He then gave me the money. He said if I needed money again, I will just have to call him. I always thought that time will be our first and our last encounter, but not. He got addicted, and so was I. Our secret relationship, his consistency, his treatment, how well he fucked me, and of course the money, turned me on.

We met again weeks after that. He had some drinks with his friends and he invited me out but I declined. I kind of missed him though, so I told him to visit me after. He passed by my apartment and we talked in the car. Talking alone was impossible since he had some beers, so he asked me to give him a blowjob. I was kind enough to do so. In a little dark corner outside my apartment, I sucked his dick. I wanted him to fuck me that night in his car, but he cummed so fast. I liked hearing his moan every time he cums. My pussy got wet that night but no dick to fuck. I returned to my room, masturbated, and cummed.

After that, I began to avoid him as he wanted to meet me often. I’m just so afraid we get caught. But somehow when my imagination runs wild, I still want to have sex with him again and hear his moan while he is wearing his coat. Maybe someday, somewhere at the hospital, where we both work coz until now, he never stops messaging me.

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