Episode 6 – You Lose, you Strip. The Card Game

I was nervous when I met my then partner’s son, named Ben, the second time coz I thought he would skin me to death for having a relationship with his father. He invited me for a drink at their house and out of respect, I said yes.

So I went to their house that night and saw Ben and his cousin already started drinking. I looked for his father, but they said he was already sleeping in his room. I thought Mon knew I was coming but I guessed he didn’t. We then started playing cards with a twist. Although at first, I felt the awkwardness between me and Ben, but this time, he was already comfortable conversing with me.

The rule of the game was, if you lose, you will strip off something you’re wearing. It can be your slippers, your hat, or your clothes. I was the only woman in the game, the two of them were both young men. But somehow, I became close to their family so I have so much trust in them. I didn’t mind stripping at all.

We took turns losing and winning. Stripping our clothes one by one. The boys stripped their shirts, shorts, and slippers. We turned off the lights to avoid exposing the obvious. Until I lost the game consecutively, so I also stripped off my shorts, my blouse, until I only had my panty left on me. By that time, the three of us were already tipsy. We had so much fun, we couldn’t stop laughing. Like them, I did my best not to lose the game again but it was inevitable. I lost, and had to strip off my panty.

The boys were being gentlemen and avoided looking straight at my body. I appreciate it. I also sat crossing my legs to hide my vagina but my breast was exposed. Maybe because of the alcohol, I didn’t mind at all. We continued the game until it was their turn of losing consecutively. Since we were all naked, I came up with an idea. I demanded the two of them to kiss each other on the lips. It probably took them half an hour to do so coz they were both straight males. It was amusing. Time went by so fast as we enjoyed the night. It was already late, and all of us were nervous about what the game would come up next, so we decided to end it. We had so much fun.

Ben came to me and handed me my clothes so I can dress up. He was such a gentleman. His cousin had already left. Ben then asked if I would go home that night. I answered yes. But he came closer to me and looked straight at my face. He confessed he likes me. I was surprised, but to be honest, I like him too. He then asked me to stay for the night and sleep at their guest room. He was already beginning to be touchy, but I couldn’t say no. I was overwhelmed by his good looks. He’s also kind of romantic and I actually like it so I gave in. He held my hand and took me to their guest room. There we played another game, called sex.

We started kissing each other torridly. He kissed my lips, down to my neck, and unto my breast. It turned me on. He’s a great kisser. I touched his cock and it was already hard. He let me lie down to a mattress. I was aroused thinking that I was about to fuck my partner’s young and handsome son whom I thought was against our relationship but not at all. My pussy started getting wet. He slowly undressed me and took off my panty. You know what turned me on the most when it comes to sex, is the moment when a man takes off my panty and is about to insert his hard cock on my wet pussy. When the cock’s head is already at my vagina’s opening, my mind and then my body is all ready to be fucked.

I moaned as he started fucking me. He whispered to my ears that my pussy is very wet and his hard cock likes to slide in it. He fucked me gently, but it wasn’t my thing, so I demanded him to fuck me roughly. It turned him on. He then banged me hard and I moaned so loud that he had to cover my mouth coz by that moment, somebody knocked on the door. It was Mon, his father, my partner at that time. We both got nervous, but he didn’t stop fucking me. We continued. He fucked me faster. It was arousing. As he was about to cum, he asked me, if he should put it in or out. I said in! “Cum inside me!” I pleaded. He thrust faster and exploded unto my breast. His cum squirted far up and reached my eyes. We giggled as he wiped it off. There was a lot of cum. I guess he was very satisfied. Even if he didn’t cum inside me, it was still arousing.

The knocking on the door didn’t stop. He asked me to hide in the shower, as he opened the door. It was his father, asking him what happened. Of course, he denied and pretended nothing happened. His father went back to his room, and I quickly left the house before we get caught. It was one of the craziest things I did. He accompanied me outside their house and paid for my taxi. He was definitely a gentleman. I like him a lot.

We saw each other again the next day but I was already with his father. Ben and I just stared at each other wishing we could do it again. But his father eventually knew what happened. We stopped seeing each other, and Ben went back to Europe. It was a sweet, quick whirlwind romance.

Mon’s eldest son however was still working in Cebu. We were good friends. One night he also invited me for a drink at their house, and you already know what happened next. I fucked him too.

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