Episode 5 – Wild Car Sex

I met this businessman, named Mon, who also used to practice as a medical doctor. He was from Ilo-ilo, but he comes to Cebu often coz his sons were studying medicine here. I first met him at the spa where I used to work as a receptionist. He was a man in his middle 50’s. Somebody told me he’s very wealthy. He owned a school and hospital at their province. However, this man looked very strict in appearance. He barely smiles so I was kind of hesitant to talk to him when he availed for a massage at the spa. After his service, he just left right away. We didn’t even get a chance to have a conversation, not until his masseuse came to me at the desk. She said, her client asked for my number. I was surprised. Like seriously? I didn’t even think he was interested in me. But I gave my number anyway.

He called me after a day, and I agreed to meet outside of work. Contrary to my first impression of him, he was actually very nice and funny. We got along very well. He was wealthy, but very humble. Mon also acted like he was still in his 20’s. We became close instantly. He was married though, but his wife was working abroad.

Mon knew that I have met one of his sons, but only as a friend. His son showed interest in me, but I was focused more on older men at that time. Besides, my relationship with Mon was doing great.

I went out with him and had sex several times. What I liked most about him was, aside from the money he gave me, he always gave his best of making me cum. I am a woman who actually can’t cum during penetration even after all my sexual adventures. I just get wet, but I have never reached orgasm during sex. It is still my biggest disappointment as a woman. I wanted to cum, but it’s always almost. The only way I can cum is whenever I masturbate when no one else is around.

Going back to my story with Mon… His eldest son, Mat, eventually knew that I was going out with his father. Mat was a bit disappointed, but I can feel that he wanted to have me still.

One evening, Mon told me that his second son had just arrived from Europe. He planned to have some drinks at a club. I was surprised coz it seemed like he would introduce me to his son, though I was merely his mistress. I was flattered. He assured me that his sons were cool just like him and they understood that he was seeing another girl.

So we arrived at the club that night. His son was already there drinking with a friend. When I first saw his son, named Ben, I got speechless. He’s very handsome, young, and formal. But at that night, I can only feel admiration towards him coz I was still in love with his father. I got drunk drinking tequila and could not hold myself in showing public display of affection towards Mon. I kissed him in front of his son. It was really awkward specially when I saw Ben’s unpleasant facial reaction. We then decided to leave the club since I was too drunk and also, too horny.

Imagine what tequila can do! I sucked Mon’s cock inside the car while he was driving me home. His cock instantly erected. He said he can’t fuck me yet coz he was still driving, so I answered him, “No problem!”

So I took off my panty, playfully swayed it on his nose. I then pulled my dress up quickly, and sat on top of him. Next, I inserted my soaking wet pussy on his hard cock. I rubbed my pussy roughly back and forth while Mon was driving. He complimented how hot and wild I was. But we were still in the middle of the highway so he couldn’t stop the car. Neither could I. I couldn’t stop fucking him. I bounced up and down on top feeling his hard cock inside me. His car was shaking. I was too horny. He wanted to pull over, but I said, “No! Continue driving!”

The sense of adventure was turning me on. We both moaned in pleasure. Some cars were already overtaking us and blowing their horns since Mon was driving slowly. How can he drive properly when there was currently a very horny girl driving on top of him as well! As soon as we arrived in my apartment, he pulled over in a dark corner and exploded his cum inside me. I love looking at his face very satisfied, like he never had that kind of sex in his whole lifetime. It sure was unforgettable for him.

Next evening, I received a private message from Ben’s cousin saying that Ben invited me for a drink at their house and play a game. I was hesitant at first, but I enjoyed that night as I recall. The night I had sex with Mon’s son and eventually his other son, too. Father, the eldest son, and the second; I had sex with them all in the same house. That’s gonna be on my next article.

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