Page 8 – Nervous about Meeting Jake

Time flies by so fast. I didn’t even notice that the next day would be the day of our meet-up. It was giving me complicated feelings. I also hadn’t thought about what excuse I would say to my parents if I go out.

I was afraid that they would forbid me to go out since it’s not like me at all to go out by myself to do things. I go out if I’m with my parents but not all the time I would go with them.

I left all those thoughts behind and rummaged through my closet to find clothes to wear. I didn’t wanna look too casual for that day of our meet-up. But if I go out too dressed up, my parents would be really sketchy about it.

Without much thinking, I prepared skinny jeans and a big-sized shirt. This is always my go-to outfit whenever I go out with my parents. I would also just say an excuse like I’mma go out and buy something at NBS. It’s that one place I would go when I go out.

Mustering up all strength I had and practicing my lines a few times, I went out of my room and looked for my parents. I knocked on their bedroom door when I reached the room.

It didn’t take a minute for my mom to open the room. She somehow seemed surprised to see me when she opened up their door. They barely noticed me doing it.

“Hey, sweetie! What are you doing here?” she asked me with a smile plastered on her face.

Dad, sitting in bed facing his laptop, shifted his gaze towards me, waiting for my response. I took a deep breath and looked both of them in the eyes.

“Mom, Dad. I would like to ask permission to go out tomorrow,” I told them.

They both looked at each other like they were conversing through their eyes. My mom was waiting for dad to speak up. She always does this even though she would let me. My father’s decision would be the one to follow. Seeing that dad was still contemplating his decision, mom looked at me and smiled warily.

“Where will you go, Sweetie?” she asked me again.

“I’m gonna go to NBS to find new books and to buy something that’s needed for my project and maybe stroll a little when I’m done picking up the things I need,” I replied honestly.

I didn’t lie that I was going to buy something, though, but I clearly hid the fact that I was going to meet up with someone I met online for a few months.

Dad cleared his throat, hearing my answer, and mom looked up to him. He heaved a deep breath, closed his eyes and rubbed them before looking at me.

“Okay, but be home before it gets dark,” he said as I felt relieved.

My mom was grinning from ear to ear at me. We both were. My father rarely agreed with me going out alone. This was one of those times that he did.

“Thank you, mom, dad,” I said before turning my back on them and going to my room again.

I let out a deep sigh when I closed my door. I was literally shaking and sweating. I even prepared myself to hear them say no, but instead, I heard the opposite. They really agreed. I still couldn’t believe that they did, especially my dad.

I didn’t stay up too late that night and went to sleep early wanting to have a beauty rest to look presentable to Jake. Fear, excitement and joy was the feeling I felt before drifting to sleep that night.

Fear that my parents would find out that I somehow lied to them and fear what might happen next day. Excitement to finally see the man who made me feel that I never thought I would feel. Lastly, joy that my parents gave me permission to go out alone.

The next day when I woke up, I felt so good and my body was so relaxed from last night’s slumber. I had full 8 hours of sleep or more. A smile immediately crept on my face remembering the conversation I had with my parents last night.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brushed my teeth before going downstairs. I could smell the aroma of the food from my room that mom has cooked, so I hurriedly went down.

Breakfast was already set at the table. I sat down and gave thanks for the food in front of me. I gobbled up my food after giving thanks. I felt my parents’ stares at me and so I looked at them.

I saw my mom smiling wide at me while my dad stared at me weirdly. I just gave them a faint smile and ate my food properly. I didn’t give away vibes on being excited, being afraid that they might change their mind.

After I finished eating, I put my plate and spoon in the sink. Then I excused myself from my parents, telling them that I would get ready to go out. They both just nodded and I went back to my room.

I opened my account and saw Jake bombarded me with messages saying that he was already there. I hurried my pace by then. It took me about 15 minutes to get fully ready to go out.

I checked the things I brought to make sure that what I needed was all in my purse. I locked my room when I got out and stumbled with my parents on the stairs. I kissed both of them on their cheeks and bid them goodbye.

They reminded me to take care of myself and text them if I wanted to be picked up. I told them not to be worried about me as I knew what I should do. Mom hugged me for a while before letting me go.

I went out of the house and texted Jake that I was on my way to the mall where we agreed to meet. I hailed a taxi and told the driver that I’d go to the mall.

When I arrived at the place, I couldn’t help to search everywhere for Jake. I was actually nervous about meeting him but there was no going back. I was already here.

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