Anal Sex in Maria Luisa

Call me by the name Ingrid. I met this very handsome, 23 years old lad from Maria Luisa village. You know, where the rich and privileged lived. His name is Ethan. He’s half British, so just imagine the good looks. We first met in Crossroads when a friend of mine named Chloé asked me to be her companion as she was invited to have some drinks with these handsome lads. She and Ethan had been chatting with each other for quite some time after their first meeting. So I assumed something was going on with the two of them already. Since my friend invited me for a drink, I then dressed for the night with a sexy, fit, body-con dress I recently bought from Mango.

Chloé then introduced me to him and his friends when they arrived. We said hi, hello, then beso-beso. As soon as our cheeks touched each other, I suddenly felt something different from him. It was his vibrations maybe, and everything seemed to move in slow motion. It surely felt weird but the wild night had just begun.

They picked us up and drove us to Maria Luisa, where he lived. His family owned a beautiful, huge house with a swimming pool overlooking the city. We listened to music that he played using his MacBook and drank rum. There were five of us. We talked, had some laughs, and drank the night away. Ethan was quite shy, though he only said a few words. He asked us suddenly what song should he play next. I answered, “Coffee by Miguel.” That song hit me differently every time, so he played it. I was floating in the air.

Hours past and his friend started puking. We let him rest on the couch. While I was standing looking at his friend, I suddenly felt a hand around my waist. It was Ethan’s. I held his hand and slowly took it away. It was no biggie for me, although I caught him several times staring at me. He’s very handsome with melancholy eyes. In my mind, I thought this good looking, young lad was for my friend, not mine. So I tried to walk away from them to give them some privacy. I went to the pool. Yet my friend Chloé followed me, and so was Ethan. That time there were only the three of us left awake.

I soaked my feet in the water and lay down beside the pool. My friend and Ethan went back inside the house. In my mind, I thought they already had sex coz they’ve been away for quite too long. I was calm, tipsy, and just enjoying myself looking at the stars beside the pool.

Then Ethan came to me and asked, “Are you ok? You can transfer to our guest room and rest.”

He held my hand and escorted me to their very fancy guest room with a huge bathroom. I was in awe.

I asked him, “Where’s my friend, Chloe?”

He said that she fell asleep on the couch, so he didn’t bother checking on my friend anymore. He then escorted me straight to their guest room.

I laid down in their fancy bed. I looked up and felt everything was swirling above me, so I guessed I was already drunk. I closed my eyes. My body was facing on the other side. Ethan was lying next to me. He checked on me once again and asked if I was ok. I looked at him, face to face, and answered, “I’m ok.” He moved his face closer to me and all of a sudden, he kissed me! Since then, everything went sooo fast! I’ve forgotten my friend.

Ethan and I kissed non-stop. We wrestled on the bed as we did foreplay. Since I was wearing a dress, he easily took off my panty. We undressed each other so fast. He was on top of me while he inserted his hard cock so quickly inside my soaking wet pussy. We fucked so hard, wild, and very fast! He kept on thrusting his cock inside me. I loved how hard he fucked me, so I took the initiative to push him down and drove on top of him. I twerked my soaking wet pussy vigorously on his hard cock! He moaned so loud! I knew he loved it. So I twerked, bounced up and down on top of him as long as I could in order to please him. We did it so fast. Then he pushed me down and asked me to turn around. He fucked me hard, dog-style this time. He pushed and pulled his dick out, thrusting so fast. We were both so wild.

At one point, when he pulled his dick out, he inserted it back in, inside my ass! He did it so quickly that I almost didn’t notice there was already a hard cock fucking inside my ass. I stopped him as I was in much pain. I never tried anal sex before. It was my first anal fuck. I told him it hurts. So he stopped and apologized to me. We changed positions instead and continued fucking hard. When he was about to cum, he stood up beside the bed. I kneeled down and gave him a blowjob. I slid my wet lips and mouth from the head of his cock down to the tip while I played my tongue swirling around his cock and sucked it hard. He closed his eyes and moaned with so much pleasure while I was focused on making him cum. I sucked his cock hard until a slimy cum exploded inside my mouth! He cummed inside my mouth. His orgasm tasted sooo sweet! I liked the taste of it. He got so horny looking down at me with his cum all over my mouth. I swallowed it in front of him and licked the remaining cum around his cock. It was one of my best sex! He said the same. We were both surprised by what we just did.

We took a shower together, and he almost wanted to fuck me again from behind, but I stopped him. We were still both exhausted. He was caressing me. That time I was already thinking of my friend Chloé, so I quickly dressed after we showered and looked for her. She was already awake, lying on the couch. I was thinking she might have heard us. We smiled at each other. I already knew then that she knew. I’m glad she was not mad at me. We then asked Ethan to drive us home. I told Chloé what happened, and she just laughed in amusement. It was a pleasurable night.

Ethan and I didn’t get a chance to exchange numbers that night, but a strange message slid in my facebook’s dm the next day. It said, “You are wild.”I opened it, and it was from him. That was the start of my anal sex adventures with Ethan. We met several times, and he slowly fucked my ass each time, stretching it until he finally succeeded cumming inside my ass. I began to love it. I loved doing it with him. One time I craved for his cock and asked him to fuck me inside my ass again, and so he did, again and again.

Anal sex felt better than pussy fuck. You guys should try it.

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