Page 7 – A Virtual Fuck

We flirted back again with each other for a while before going into our sexual desire. I anticipated for a moment with his choice but there’s nothing I could do. I was the one who made the deal.

“Remember babe, once you asked pictures of my naked body then the deal is off,” I told him before we hit it off.

“Oh no worries, baby. I can restrain myself for long. I’m worried about you because I know how you want to see my dick so bad,” he replied with a cheeky grin emoji.

I sighed to myself thinking that his words might be true. Yet somehow, it’s just a baseless conclusion of him because that would be the first time that we’re gonna do it without asking anyone’s some photos. I took a deep breath and started our session.

“Kiss me, Jake,” I chatted to him.

Of course, we’re just going to imagine the things that we would be texting. I feel excited and at the same time nervous on what the outcome of this session might be.

“As you wish, darling,” he replied with a kiss emoji. “I’m going to brush my lips against yours. Teasing you until you’ll pull my head for us to kiss passionately and with that, I’m going to invade your mouth using my tongue. I’m going to bite your lower lip and your moans will be caught by my mouth,” he added and my mind immediately imagined it.

I massaged my boobs with that context. My mind went ecstatic with just that and I couldn’t believe myself. I perfectly pictured the scene he just told me.

“I would not back out on that, babe. I’ll let my tongue explore your mouth too and while doing that I’m gonna put my hands on your nape and grab hold of your hair there. I’m going to press my body so close to you that you’ll feel my boobs on your chest and your bulge will be in contact with my covered cunt,” I told him, of course, from what my mind continued to imagine based on what he told me.

“I will kiss you until we’re out of breaths. I’m gonna wrap my hands around your boobs and massage them. I’m also gonna play with your nipples making it hard and erect. I’ll move your left leg to clasp in my waist and make you feel more my erecting bulge,” Jake countered back at me.

My body was burning with desire with his last sentence. He really knew how to make me horny; how to make me want him more and I was pissed at myself for being really turned on with just a few sentences from him.

“Is that so? I’m gonna travel my lips down to your neck and nibble it. I’ll leave several marks on it. I’ll undress your shirt for you and kiss you on the lips after I take your shirt off. Then I would plant wet kisses on your chest and I’ll also play with your nipple. I’m gonna scoop that dick of yours and squeeze them,” I conveyed to him.

My imagination really went to extreme by reminiscing porn videos that I’ve watched and the scenes that I imagined with the books that I’ve read.

“With that being started, of course, I would take your shirt off too, baby. I’ll unclasp that brassiere of yours to let your tits free. I’m gonna suck the left nipple while I massage and pinch your right one. I’m gonna suck it so hard that you’re gonna grab hold of my head and want to break free from it. I’ll playfully bite your nipple too. I’m gonna do it with both of your tits until you feel pleasure with pain and by then, your pussy will be soaking wet,” he responded.

Although he can’t see me, I nodded my head like I was agreeing with what he said. My hands travelled down from my boobs to my clit. I started rubbing my clit slowly. A soft moan came out of my mouth.

I forgot that I should text back to Jake in order for him to know what I would do and to continue our scene. I was so engrossed with my mind’s imagination. Jake is such an expert in this field and seeing that I haven’t responded in a while, Jake just continued with the scene.

“I would cup your covered cunt and I would feel your wetness from outside of your shorts. I’ll slid my finger from the side of your shorts and undies and I will rub your clit. You’ll put your hand on my shoulder to remain standing still. I will french kiss you while rubbing your clit slowly,” Jake professed.

My fingers started to move fast against my clit with what he just texted me. He’s literally making me go nuts. My body was really turned on. I wanted more than just what he’s texting me. I wanted to see him jerking off. I wanted to hear his moans.

Yet, of course, I couldn’t tell that to him. Even though I was still having second thoughts on seeing him in person and wanted to break the deal off but I just couldn’t tell him that I want to see his dick and everything.

If I do that then it means that his baseless conclusion earlier would’ve been proven and I didn’t want that to happen. Also, I was liking the feeling of being curious of what he would tell me next.

“I will take off the remaining clothes that we have on. I’ll take off mine first and then yours. I’ll kneel and worship your pussy. I’ll take your one leg and put it on my shoulder. I’ll glide my finger on your pussy and plant small kisses. Then I’ll lick your pussy. I’ll make it even more wet than it already is. I’ll make you scream and beg for more. I’m going to make sure that you’ll want more. Even if you’ll cum, I would still lick your pussy until your clit becomes sensitive to touch. I’ll insert two fingers on your pussy hole and slowly finger fuck you. I won’t stop even if you beg me to stop. I’ll make sure that you’re so wet and your legs will be shaking before I insert my dick on your pussy. When that happens, I’ll fuck you fast, hard and rough than you’ll sore your throat by screaming my name and moaning in pleasure. Of course, not just your throat that I’ll make sore, also your pussy. I would really make sure of that,” Jake texted in one go.

And that made me go crazy. He’s so detailed on what he would do to me and I love every single bit of it. I can’t even feel any restraint in my body. I wanted what he wants.

I couldn’t help myself anymore that I inserted two of my fingers on my pussy and finger fucked myself so fast. I could feel myself almost reaching orgasm a lot of times and I get so frustrated every time that I couldn’t cum. I wanted to call him so that I could release myself but I remembered the deal.

I used every ounce of strength I can get not to call him and to make myself cum. After a few more tries, I finally burst in ecstasy. I was panting and sweating.

I picked up my phone and texted Jake I was sorry for not responding back and that I was so engrossed with what I was doing. He said it was fine and that he understands me. He actually liked that I didn’t respond and just touched myself because it made him so arouse to even let himself off.

I excused myself as he agreed. I washed up and put on some clothes, then went to bed. I was tired with what I just did. It really drained my energy. The moment I lay down on my bed, seconds after that, I dozed off to sleep.

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