Episode 4 – Mahjong

I came across a group of businessmen who played a game, they called Mahjong. Unlike the normal game, tiles are being shuffled. With them, it’s the girls.

I was introduced to Dr. Han, by a friend. My friend said they’re great clients who always want to go for a walk, meaning meet up for sex and money thing. More walks, more money. “You’ll never get broke, my friend said. Dr. Han had a group of interesting friends whom he played golf with, some were his business partners. When I met him, and his group, I got comfortable instantly coz they were all hilarious. Always telling jokes to one another, always making everything fun so I couldn’t stop laughing, smiling, and just being happy around them. It was always a lot of fun with them.

We dined out in golf courses or membership club establishments. Drinking, eating, laughing, and also, fucking. This is when the game Mahjong started. We usually went out with a group of older men and younger women in the same number so each one had a partner. After eating and drinking, the men chose who to partner with, or to have sex with.

As for my first experience with this group, I only met Dr. Han and his friend from Cagayan, Glen, who owned a mall, so he was super rich. I was accompanied by my close friend, who introduced me to them. They took us to Moonlight motel in Mandaue which had a second-floor villa room. We had a fun conversation and drank black label whisky. What I noticed was, Glen was a reserve, shy type of person, while Dr. Han was quite loud and very funny. An hour later and the whisky bottle almost empty, Dr. Han let his dear friend Glen chose who to partner with. He then said, Glen chose my friend. I got a little disappointed coz I liked the personality of Glen. But it was alright, coz I still had him.

Dr. Han and I moved to another room beside the room where Glen and my friend stayed. The doctor comforted me and told me to just enjoy, and since I was drunk, of course I did. He started kissing me, undressing my clothes slowly, and like any other man, he licked my pussy hard. He sucked all of my juice inside. I squeezed my breast in satisfaction. His dick was short but very thick in circumference. It felt great inside me. When he started fucking me, I was surprised coz he was quite rough. I got turned on. We changed positions often. What I liked most was when he kneeled down in bed, while I was laying on my back, then he pulled my hips up parallel to his dick and inserted my pussy on his. He held my hips and rubbed my pussy up and down to his dick in a very vigorous manner. I got so wet and moaned so hard coz it felt so good. I like his roughness. I like how fast he fucked. I sucked his thick dick and he cummed. We got exhausted after. He gave me 3k. For me, it was little. But my friend said, they liked to meet often and she wasn’t wrong about it.

A week after that, they called again and we met. Same guys, same girls, me and my friend. This time, just like playing mahjong, we exchanged partners. Dr. Han with my friend while me and Glen. I was excited coz like I said earlier, I liked the personality of Glen.

Glen confessed to me that it was really me he chose to partner when we first met. But then the doctor misunderstood it or he probably did it on purpose. So he asked the doctor to let us meet again coz he wanted to have me. That day, he finally had me, and many other days coz we liked each other. Whenever the group decided to meet, it was just me and Glen who were fixed partners. The other girls were jealous of me coz Glen was the richest among the group yet the humblest, and the most generous. Glen and I had a great relationship for a year. No matter the age gap, I felt love and became very comfortable with him. I liked that he gave me enough money, paid for my tuition fees in college, and took me out in restaurants whenever he visited Cebu. Although he still played mahjong, it was always with me, and we just added one more, meaning, we picked another woman for us to enjoy as partners. He said that only with someone he was comfortable with. So I took my friend as the third one. My friend was a lesbian, yet, she still fucks around men.

We took turns having sex with Glen at MO2 VIP karaoke room. We locked the door and my friend fucked Glen first, then me. It was a quickie coz we might get caught by a waiter. So we were on a sitting position, took off our panties, and bounced up and down on Glen’s lap. It was hot. Glen got horny and exploded his cum inside me, with a condom of course. I liked how his feelings never changed even if we had a threesome with another girl. I still always felt liked he loved me as I was always the priority. Because of that, I always wanted to reward him with great sex. I liked to drive on top of him. I let him fuck me in the shower, while he whispered to my ears how hot I am. I always wanted to please him coz he pleased me as well.

But Glen suddenly disappeared. I’ve heard from his friends that his wife died. We didn’t meet since. I tried going out with the other guys in the group but it was never the same. They continued playing Mahjong. Fucking around, exchanging partners. I left the group when Glen left.

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