Page 5 – Video Fuck Call

Since that night, I’ve been laying low with Jake. I’ve become a little distant with him to suppress the speculations of my parents. I focused on myself studying to pass the time off.

One day, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I felt so suffocated. Yes, my parents didn’t say anything else after that but I know what they wanted to say to me and it’s already suffocating me.

I’m clearly not a robot nor a computer for crying out loud. I’m their daughter yet they treat me like I’m not. Why do I always have to do everything with their way? I want to do what I want to but because of them that I forget what I want and I just follow them.

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs to express the frustration I felt. I tore the paper into pieces and smashed the thing nearest to me. I also pulled my hair so hard. It’s making me crazy.

I opened my account and saw Jake online. I immediately chatted him and told him what happened and the reason that I was being distant from him. He understood it and even told me that we should really do that to get off my parents’ radar.

Later on, I changed our topic into a sexual one and of course, Jake as he is liked it. He teased me so much that I got hornier than ever. My body rapidly was burning with desire. I missed this feeling. Being all hot and needy.

I stood up and locked the door in order for anyone not to enter my room as I would be playing with my pussy in front of my phone talking to a man. I undressed myself before lying in bed again. I touched my pussy and fuck! It’s wet already with my creamy juices.

I took a photo of my wet pussy and sent it to Jake. While waiting for his response, I teased my pussy by gliding my middle finger on my folds. I hadn’t touched my pussy in days and damn! I hated that I didn’t because at that time, I was aching to have an orgasm.

“Fuck babe! You’re so wet! Spread your pussy for me, baby,” Jake replied with a heart-eyed emoji.

Without wasting any second, I video called Jake and he answered. I placed my phone in front of me giving him the full view of my body. I spread my legs widely and opened my pussy like he wanted.

I saw him biting his lips and groping on his boxer shorts. I glided my middle finger on my wet pussy and stopped where my clit is located. I rubbed it gently while looking at Jake on the screen with taunting eyes.

As the pace of my finger rubbing my clit went fast, I heard Jake let out a groan and pulled his boxers down revealing his hard cock. I gasped seeing his hard cock. God! I haven’t seen that cock in days! I wanted it inside my pussy stretching my walls.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted more than just rubbing my clit so I slid my finger inside my pussy and fucked myself. Jake pumped his dick wildly. We’re both racing to have an orgasm. I moved faster than I ever did and even moaned. I massaged my boobs while my fingers still going in and out of my wet pussy.

A few minutes more and I could finally feel that I was about to explode in ecstasy. I could also sense that Jake’s about to explode his milk too. His hands were moving so fast jerking his cock and squeezing it.

“I’m going to cum baby!” I hissed and followed by a moan. I pinched my nipples to feel more. I wildly finger fucked my pussy until I reached my orgasm. I rubbed my clit for a minute and more creamy juices went out from my pussy.

Jake spurted his milk a second after I exploded. He showed me the cum on his hand and on his body. My legs were still spreading widely while I was heavily breathing.

“That was so good babe!” Jake said and I flashed a smile on him. We bid goodbye to clean up our mess. I got some wet wipes on my bedside table and wiped my juices off from my pussy.

After cleaning my mess, I dressed up and unlocked my door. I scrolled for a minute or two on my account and closed my eyes and slept. It’ll be a good rest for sure.

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