Page 4 – What if they Catch Me?

The following weeks, we’ve been doing the video call thing whenever my parents are not home. My parents never suspected a thing of what was I doing and neither my friends. I pretty keep it lowkey. I was really scared of what the society might say about me.

My family is well known in our town. Kids also look up to me. I don’t want to ruin my family and mine’s reputation in our town. But I can’t really deny the fact that I’m such a horny bastard now. My body has needs and I need to satisfy that need.

“Hey baby, want to meet up?” Jake randomly asked while we were talking dirty. My mind went into a mess. I was thinking like, am I gonna loose my virginity? What should I do? Should I go and meet him?’ Too many questions running through my mind.

“Are you serious, babe?” I asked him back. I mean, yes we’re doing some dirty things on the phone but it’ll be a big difference in person. I didn’t know if I was ready to meet him or what. I couldn’t figure it out.

“Of course! We’re just half an hour away from each other. It’s not that far, so are you up for it, baby?” Jake asked. He clearly wanted to meet up and do the dirty thing.

I, on the other hand, didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say to my parents if I go out. I’m not that kind of girl who loves to go out. My parents would be skeptical if I go out for a whole day.

I changed the topic of what we were talking and I’m thankful for Jake for not pursuing the topic anymore and let it slide. Maybe he knew that I’m undecided or what, but I was glad he didn’t ask again.

We bid farewell as soon as my parents got back. They still don’t know a thing. In their eyes, I’m still their innocent little girl who doesn’t even care on what’s happening in the society.

I was studying when my bedroom door opened up. I just continued on what I was doing as I knew that it’ll be one of my parents who entered my room.

“Hey sweetie, dinner’s ready.” I heard my Mom’s voice and her footsteps coming near me. She kissed my head and looked on what I was doing as always.

“I’ll be there in a minute, Mom. I’ll just finish this assessment,” I replied to her without looking at her. I continued writing while Mom was on my side observing what I was doing until I put my pen down.

“Mom, I’ll be there. You go down first.” I told her and she nodded and went downstairs. I sighed when she got out. I just hate it when she does that. It’s suffocating.

But I still feel guilty too. My Mom and I are close and I’m lying to her for a long time now. But I know that she won’t accept me if she knew what I was doing. All I knew that my Dad would kill me if he knew, and I can’t risk that.

After a few minutes, I walked downstairs and recognized that they’ve been waiting for me. They haven’t even started to eat. I just sighed and walked in a fast pace.

I sat down on the left facing my mom. “Why are you both looking at me like that?” I asked them while putting food on my plate.

They looked at each other not knowing who should be the one to speak. I put down my utensils and stared at them on their eyes, waiting for them to say anything. After a while, Mom broke the silence.

“We’re just noticing that you’ve changed, sweetie.” She told me, direct to the point.

I closed my eyes and heaved a deep breath. “Mom, I’m not a kid anymore. I grow up and there are some things that needs to be changed. I’m not forever a kid so please don’t treat me like one,” I said while looking at them sincerely.

I was actually nervous when they both acted weird. I thought they already knew what I was doing, like they caught me doing something dirty. And upon hearing what mom had said, I felt like a bone was plucked out of my throat. I could never imagine what would happen if they have caught me.

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