Episode 2 – Lingam Spa and Indecent Proposals

This time, I turned 18. Things were not going well back home so I ran away and decided to moved back in Cebu. I was then living independently. I worked in a couple of jobs for three years, until I stumbled in a Lingam Massage Spa, hiring for a front desk officer.

The salary was low but the job was very light. I just answered calls, accept payments, input service in our system, arrange masseuse for our clients, and escort them in their respective rooms. That’s it. No sweat. I was elated I got hired.

But during training, I was curious why the services were expensive compared to a normal massage shop, and so the manager, Ma’am Darlyn, explained to me that the shop was exclusively for men. She told me what Lingam was all about. It’s a prostate massage she said, but it has a happy ending. It wasn’t so bad after all I thought. It was beneficial for men.

I was trained by Mia. She was fair, good looking, and sexy. The other receptionists in the evening shift, were all the same. They were as sexy, friendly, and good looking. One thing I also noticed was, they looked so fancy. They dressed up well, holding nice signature bags with expensive phones and rebonded hair. I also heard they never ride jeepneys, only GRAB or taxis. So I was wondering on how could they afford such lifestyle with a below minimum salary. And so Mia shared to me and mentioned, Sponsors.

I didn’t understand what she meant at that time, but I noticed our clients were a bunch of rich men. Businessmen, celebrities, politicians, generals, they were all VIP’s. Since my fellow receptionists were friendly and accommodating, clients usually gave us their change as tips and treat us foods, such as pizzas and drinks. I then started to love my job!

Being beautiful, sexy, and presentable was important there, especially for me as a front desk officer. Clients would see me firsthand before they see our masseuses. So I learned to wear miniskirts, high heels, and put on make-up. Sexy but classy. I also learned to entertain clients. I wasn’t shy anymore. So it wasn’t long when I started to receive indecent proposals.

I had a boyfriend for four years that time so I just ignored all of it. I was never tempted until my relationship with my boyfriend ended.

One evening, a client from Manila, started a conversation with me. A man on his late forties, wearing a polo shirt tucked in his trousers. He had a chauffeur from a four-star hotel with him. As I was telling him the services that we offer, he directly asked for my name and number. I answered, “My name is Lily, but apologies, sir. I’m not allowed to give my personal number.”

He looked me straight in the eye, and said, “Lily, let me take care of you.”

I don’t know what got into me after he said that when I just smiled. But he was able to convince me, not right away but after we talked. He was very dominant. After he had his massage, he told me, “I will let the driver picked you up after your work.”

I didn’t think he was that serious until I saw his driver waiting for me outside my workplace at exactly 8 PM. I got nervous. This was the first time I went out with a client after four months of working at the spa. I kept it as a secret coz we’re not allowed to go out with clients.

The driver took me straight to Waterfront Hotel. The client was waiting for me in his room. As I got in, the client asked if it was my first time. I said yes. He then comforted me with his words. I got comfortable with this man coz he’s not the maniac type. He was very formal.

Then he started kissing me, undressing me.

He was a good kisser which made me horny. He then opened my legs and started licking my vagina. Ooh, it felt sooo good! I grasped some air as soon as he licked mine. He formed circles with the tip of his tongue on my clit and into the center of my pussy. He licked vigorously from top to bottom. I instantly got wet.

That moment, I didn’t think of our age gap anymore. I just gave in. I wanted him to fuck me. I was laying down, grabbed his hard dick and inserted it into my vagina. I moaned in pleasure while he fucked me so hard and fast. I liked it that way. Hard and fast. He kept on thrusting my vagina and didn’t take long when he reached orgasm. He cummed inside me but he wore a condom, so I was safe. It was quick but pleasurable. He then threw the condom in the bathroom, washed himself up, and gave me five thousand pesos.

In my mind I thought, wow that’s it? I didn’t even do anything, not even giving him a blowjob, none, and then I got 5k in my hand so quickly. I even got satisfied with the way he licked me and fucked me.

I smiled, said thank you to him, dressed up, and left his room. He said he will message me when he gets to visit Cebu again.

I came home that night satisfied. I thought to myself, wow, such an easy money! It was worth more than half of my monthly salary that time, in just an hour encounter. I was ecstatic.

This was the start of my immorality. Whenever a rich client asked me out, I gave in especially if it’s a client from Manila like my first one, coz they were quite generous. I went out with businessmen, politicians, even with a general from Manila. He was nice and generous too. He gave me 15k instantly.

More clients, more sponsors, more money. I was already able to buy a new phone, bought nice clothes, rebonded and dyed my hair, bought whitening creams, new make-up and all. I also didn’t ride jeepneys anymore, just Grab or taxis. I was living a fun and comfortable life.

I realized at that time, older men know how to treat and satisfy a woman better than younger men. I understood that they crave for younger women and I respect them, as long as they will also provide me what I want, financial support. I didn’t care if they were married or not. I don’t asked questions that much coz they were very private and I knew exactly where we stand. They wanted my body or my company while I wanted their money. That’s it. I was just being practical.

One day, I met Kael. He was in his early forties. He owns a bus company in Mandaue and is one of our regular clients. He’s good looking, with dimples, quiet shy and reserve. I learned to like him. When he asked me out for a date, I said yes right away.

He took me to this motel in Mandaue, with a strange looking chair made for fucking. He placed me there, while I was naked. I was in a sitting position with my back slightly bent backwards, then he spread my legs widely. I saw his dick which was slightly bent, not the typical straight dick. I don’t know why in those years, my vagina was always wet. Even before a man touched me, I was already wet. He liked it very much.

As soon as he inserted his bent dick inside me, I moaned in so much pleasure. Uuughhhh fuck! This bent dick felt so good! My vagina was so tight that he coul feel his dick getting sucked in and out. I saw his face so satisfied. He easily cummed.

Unlike the guys from Manila, Kael only gave me 3k. But he kept on coming back so he was one of my weekly maintenance as I call it.

One time he picked me up at noontime. We parked in the parking lot of Gaisano Country Mall and he fucked me hard inside his car. It was a quickie but hot. Good thing no one noticed.  Eventually I fell in love with Kael as he was really good looking and nice to me. But he was also very private. Sometimes he disappeared for a few months.

So I went out with another regular client named, Dave. He liked to experiment. He introduced me to my first ever threesome. My experiences then were getting hardcore.

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