Episode 1 – You can call me Lily

You can call me by the name Lily. I grew up in the province of Bohol where people tend to sleep as early as 8pm. In the province, forests, mountains, and beaches are just walking distance away. Being able to live both in Cebu City and Bohol, I can compare, that teenagers in province have stronger sexual relations compared in the city. The quiet environment at night, and tons of hidden places in the province, may have contributed as to why people there are more sexually driven and capable of expressing their sexual desires.

When I was living in Cebu, I was still so innocent. Watching animes was my only thing. But when I moved back in Bohol to continue my studies in high school, I was already exposed to vices such as going out late at nights, drinking alcohol as a minor, climbed on our fence just to attend concerts and discorals, having boyfriends, and yes engaging in sexual relations. I lost my virginity at a young age of 15 in my province.

My exposure to sex and pleasure started at the age of 6 when I saw pornographic pictures of porn stars owned by my uncle which he tried to hide inside the cabinet. But as a kid, I love playing dressing up with my friends and we discovered all of my uncle’s pornographic collection. It was hilarious to look at first, but my curiosity of sex began.

One night, I saw my mother having sex with a younger man in our living room. She was having an affair with our neighbor. A young, tricycle driver who used to drive me to school during the day, but having sex with my mom at night. I couldn’t blame my mom at that time as she was still hot, beautiful and sexy at 28 years old.

And because of those things, I learned the art of masturbation as early as 9 years old.

Though I was still a virgin, I take pleasure playing with my pussy every night. I rubbed my pussy, slowly playing with my clit, which made me so horny. I then slide off two of my fingers, back and forth, then I make circles at the center of my pussy slowly gliding it from top to bottom. My fingers easily get wet every time. I tried inserting my finger inside my tight hole, but it was too tight so I didn’t bother touching it once more. Besides, playing with my clit was already pleasurable for me. I did it slowly at first, then I progressed going hard and fast. I easily cum after that. It was always pleasurable so I did it again, and again. I shake my bed almost every night satisfying myself with the only sexual pleasure I knew at that time.

Then I reached high school. I was on my third year when I met my new classmate, a transferee from another school, named Rye. He was good looking, cool, a typical bad boy high schooler. He and his group of friends were known drug users. Yet he was quiet and reserve as a person, so I got attracted to him.

It was November when I just turned 15. Rye became my boyfriend. Two weeks later, he invited me to go to the beach to unwind and have drinks with our classmates, (my friends and his friends). My auntie didn’t allow me to go, but since I wanted to have fun, I went anyway.

We were drinking mix redhorse and gin pomelo. A few hours later I sensed something odd when I saw his friend putting unburned tobacco from a cigarette in our drinks. Later on, I suddenly noticed my body feeling heavy. When I looked at 2 of my girl friends, they already passed out. His friends said we should let them rest for a while, so Rye invited me for a walk near the shore. It was already sunset. Since I was already tipsy, I could barely walk. He said there is a small hut about 1 kilometer from where we were drinking. I began to feel terrified since it was starting to get dark. But then he forced me to go.

He took me to this abandoned hut with a small opening which a person can barely pass through. He asked me to get in, I said no. He then dragged me and pushed me inside the small hut. He attempted to undress me. I screamed, punched him, and kicked him several times. But he was too strong as a man. I attempted a few times to get out from there but he dragged me inside every time. He held both of my arms as he slowly took off my panty. I was crying helplessly. First, he inserted one finger inside my pussy. He was trying to stretch my hole in preparation for his dick, I guess. Me as a virgin, I was still so tight, he was having difficulty. He then inserted two of his fingers, thrusting back and forth. It was already very painful. I was kicking him like crazy. He then started taking off his pants and inserted his dick inside me. His dick was huge and thick! It could hardly fit my virgin pussy. He kept on thrusting his dick inside me until he was successful. I was screaming in pain. His sweat was dripping all over my face while he was fucking me. He came and put his cum all over my breast. I didn’t feel anything good at that moment while he was penetrating me, only a lot of pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. What’s worst was, I saw flash lights under the hut. It was his group of male friends, watching over us while he was raping me.

That night I lost my virginity to this man I call my boyfriend, slash rapist. My dream of giving my virginity to the only man I will marry, was taken from me. It’s gone. I can no longer offer my purity to the man I truly love.

I was barely moving after what he did. I was still in shock and in pain. We went back to our group. My friends were already awake and were searching for us. There was blood on his shirt. It was my blood. His best friend knew what happened so they exchanged t-shirts to make him look innocent, just in case. When they were asking questions, I didn’t say a word at that time.

I went back home as if nothing happened that night. When I woke up the next day, it was hard to accept that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. My vagina was sore. It was still painful. I couldn’t walk properly for a week. My back had a lot of scratches when he was dragging me forcibly inside the hut.

Since he was my classmate, I still see him every weekdays in class. He asked for my forgiveness. I ignored him. His reason was, he only did it coz he wanted me to stick with him. They said that if a woman lost her virginity to a man through sexual intercourse, the woman will never leave this man forever. So I proved him wrong and decided to end our relationship. I didn’t talk to him again.

But that didn’t last very long. After I lost my virginity at 15, I was unconsciously beginning to feel more sensual. We may have not talked for a month, but every time I saw the man in class whom I lost my virginity, I still got attracted to him. He was good looking, reserve, and not only that, I was starting to crave for his dick once again. My mind was screaming, fuck me again!

I may have lost my virginity in a very unpleasant way, but it opened a whole new experience for me. This was the start of my sexual experiences. Since I was craving for another fuck, there’s no other man I want to do it again with, but the only man whom I lost my virginity. So we talked again, and got back together as a couple.

Believe it or not, my boyfriend didn’t want to touch me again. He probably felt guilty of what he did and told me I was too young and didn’t want to overuse my sexy body. But it was me who convinced him that we should do it again. I was getting wilder then, and of course, he couldn’t say no, so after class, we went on dates, going to his house after. We fucked in his room as often as we could. That time, it felt so good. I got so horny and wet every time he fucked me. I could see pleasure on his face whenever I looked at him while he was penetrating me. It aroused me. His huge dick has piercing on it, which added more pleasure. We tried different positions, that time, doggie style, 69, you named it and we made it to round 2. Before I got back home after school, I felt our connection became stronger and it turned me on. We had sex in their house, in the bathroom of our school, and even on the beach when we went for a swim. It was hot. I loved all our sexual adventures.

We lasted for a year and a half as a couple. We ended our relationship when I moved to another school in a different town. I finally said goodbye to the man whom I lost my virginity and said hello to new ones. I continued exploring my sexual desires. This time, I became aggressive and unstoppable. There was a slogan I used to say, “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop!”

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