Page 2 – My Curiosity about Sex

Everyday my curiosity about sex grew bigger and bigger. I also could not deny the fact that I would get horny and wet by listening to the sexperiences of women around me. Every noon when I got home from school, I would get naked and rub my clit until its swollen. My body wants more than just that. I felt a little frustrated about it. I don’t care about what my parents think anymore. I got to have sex. My curiosity is so out of hand.

I would not just read some erotic books, I also watch some pornographic videos. Just watching the scene makes my body burn in desire. I couldn’t get enough of rubbing my pussy and even teasing myself of sticking my finger in.

Experiencing waves of waves of pleasure by myself, I browse on an app. It was much filled with sex stuffs and all. I joined in a group chat where it’s filled with a bunch of horny people. I blend in with them just fine. I do what they want like sending some nudes to satisfy their desires. My desires are also satisfied as men there would send some photos of their dick.

I couldn’t believe that I’m actually seeing that. Even though it’s just a photograph but it’s still a dick and it makes me horny by staring at it. In a day, I would make my clit swollen every time that I could. In school, I was still this pure innocent woman but they didn’t know what I was doing when I’m alone or even in social media.

In a week, my messenger was full of group chats with different horny people from different places. There are also men who personally message me to ask for my nudes. Of course, I would send some and in an erotic position as possible to turn them on. Dirty talks are also part of our conversation and it easily turns me on and made me submit to the person I was talking to. Whatever he asked of me, I would gladly do it without hesitation.

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