Page 1 – My Name is Aella

Hi! I’m Aella. This is the story about how a sweet and innocent young woman like me turns into something no one expected me to be.

I live in a small town. My life was pretty normal, or so I thought. But, every girl in our town is already tainted. I’m the only one who remains pure. Well, for the fact that I’ve been so well protected by my family that I couldn’t bring myself into doing those kinds of things.

Another ordinary day in school where I was with my friends in the field and we were just hanging out. They were talking about the sexperiences that they have. I would just listen to them for the fact that I haven’t made out with anyone yet. Upon hearing their sexperiences, I would blush at how vulgar they were.

Every time they talked about it, a lot of things ran through my mind, like what if I would try it too? Is it that good? And many more but I would just end up the same. My friends even tried to urge me to kiss someone of my opposite sex. They want me to be open with the things that they are open too. I would like to try it too but there are some things that really stops me from doing so.

One day while I was browsing through an app, I came across a website where there are so many hot and vulgar stories. As a person who likes to read, I’ve read them. Also because I want to learn more about sex. I want to be open-minded about those things. So day-by-day I would read it every time I could.

It gives me feelings that I never felt before even when my friends are talking about their sexperiences. With the site I’m currently indulging myself in, it gives me urges to make out with someone. I want to feel what the character feels in the story. I often find myself massaging my boobs and rubbing my clit.

I would even get naked in bed while I was reading and imagining that I was that woman in the story and I would touch myself every time the bed scenes come up. I would whisper some moans while rubbing my clit or massaging my breast. I would even feel that there’s something building inside my stomach while I touch myself that wants to be released.

I started to become someone who’s always horny after some time of reading from the website. I became interested in my friends’ sexperiences and I would even ask them about things they do when they were having sex which made my friends scream in excitement, for I already have an interest in sex. They even set me up with a guy the week after I ask them things about sex.

The guy and I ended up kissing. I felt my body burn and my head spinning. I haven’t felt those things before in my entire life. Not long after our lips met, I pushed him back. He stared at me with desires written in his eyes.

“I-I’m sorry,” I told him and bowed my head. My cheeks became red.

“I should be sorry. You must’ve felt overwhelmed with what I did,” He said and scratched the back of his head.

To erase the tension between us, I asked him about sex, and he answered with what he knew. We also talked about a lot of things. He even said that I should try it so that I wouldn’t have to be curious anymore. I gave him a faint smile when he said that.

After I got home, I indulged myself in the site again. While I enjoy reading, I came across a scene where the female lead character positioned herself in front of the faucet and let the water hit her clit which gives her waves of pleasure. I got up and went to the bathroom and tried it myself.

I was alone in the house. My parents went out to buy groceries. I walked naked towards the bathroom, turned on the faucet and positioned myself like what I’ve read. I let the water cascade on my pussy. It felt so good that I even moaned louder than I’ve ever been. I even closed my eyes to really feel the pleasure it was giving me. My body was even shaking in doing it and my clit became sensitive after that. I turned off the faucet and went back to my room with the determination to try having sex.

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